If you haven’t been searching for an executive position in a while, you may not have noticed how rapidly things have changed in this sphere. New technology, new employer preferences, and a variety of other factors are shaping how companies fill executive vacancies. Fortunately for you, executive staffing is one of our many specialties here at CRG. Here’s a look at the kinds of trends to expect in 2019.

The Use of Big Data

More recruiters and companies are going to be employing new tech and gathering more data than ever before. Expect companies to use “big data” to learn more about candidates and potentially find the best executives before any other company can. The more info and deep analytics tools a firm has at its disposal, the better it can sift through data about every potential recruitment target.


A Search for Younger Talent

Companies are also looking at younger talent that could take up executive roles or evolve into them. The workforce is changing and the executive workforce in particular is aging quickly. Companies may want to find someone younger that they can invest in and keep around for the long haul. This isn’t to say that experience isn’t valued, but don’t be surprised to be competing for a job with someone younger than you might normally expect.


A Focus on Employee Development

On that same note, expect more companies to look within for potential executive candidates. Instead of looking for completely new recruits, a firm might try to foster talent in current employees. Of course, this may also end up changing how they look at recruiting talent at the executive and non-executive levels.


Reaching Out to Passive Job Seekers

Hiring agencies and employers may also end up looking for candidates who aren’t actively searching for jobs. So-called “passive” job seekers will be a focus for some companies. They’ll hope that they can pull them away from their current role if their skills fit their current requirements. If you’re not actively looking for a new executive position, don’t be shocked if you still end up hearing from a recruiter in 2019.


Rising Demand For Consultants or Freelancers

Some companies may also decide to recruit more freelancers or consultants in executive roles. This can give companies and workers more flexibility, but it’s not always a preferred work situation for executive candidates. So if a high-level consultant starts sniffing around for a job elsewhere, the company they currently work for might try to recruit them for a more traditional role. It’s all going to depend on a particular firm and what their focus and costs are.


The Use of AI and Machine Learning

The evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is also changing how companies recruit executives. This could help them sort through multiple candidates quickly and find the people who best fit in at their company. This could change how you write your resume or approach the job hunting process, so think about this tech in 2019.


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