We all hate getting rejection letters after a job interview, but chances are, all of us have to face it at one point or another. The only thing you can do is keep trying. Don’t let the rejection get you down, but instead, allow it to help you learn from your mistakes and say, “there’s always another chance.”

At CRG, we’re a recruiting company serving Charlotte, NC, and its surrounding areas, as well as the Triad and Triangle markets, and we’re here to help you find the job that matches your personality and skill sets. If you’ve recently had an interview and learned that you didn’t get the job, you’re probably wondering why. While some employers may be helpful enough to tell you the reasons, others will leave you in the dark. If you were left in the dark, here are three possible reasons why you didn’t get the job:

  1. You showed up to the interview either too early or too late – Yes, even showing up too early for an interview can hurt your chances at getting the job. Interviewers may think that you’re too eager or desperate or don’t know how to manage your time well. We believe it’s best to get there about 5-10 minutes early. And, of course, don’t be late.


  1. You dressed inappropriately – Although it may be true that clothes don’t make the man or woman, interviewers will certainly take into account the way you dress for an interview. Do a little research beforehand about the company to see what their dress code is. And remember, you can never go wrong with a business suit.


  1. You didn’t have enough confidence – Interviewers can usually determine right away whether you’re feeling confident or not. Maybe your handshake gave you away, or you looked at the floor when they walked in the room. First impressions are important, so just remember to smile and give them a firm handshake. Your confidence will follow.

If you’re guilty of any of these, that may be the reason why you didn’t get the job. As a job agency in Charlotte, NC and several other markets, we know that there are plenty of other careers out there, so go prepare and keep on applying. We also invite you to come to us for assistance. To learn more about job interviews and job openings, contact us at 844-CRG-WORK.