You’re probably here because you recently secured an interview for a human resources position. In that case, congratulations! But, you still have a lot more work to do in order to get an offer for the position. At CRG, we’re a HR staffing agency with employees who are dedicated to helping you find the human resources jobs and  administrative roles that you’ve been searching far and wide for. But enough about us, this is about you! Here are three questions that you’ll probably be asked during a human resources interview:

  1. Tell me about yourself – Technically, this isn’t a question, but bear with us here. This is one of the oldest interview questions in the book for any position, which means you’d better be ready to answer it during the interview. But instead of telling the interviewer about your entire work history, we believe it’s best to tell a professional story about how you helped your former company (or companies) succeed.
  2. What do you know about our company? Since it’s the age of the Internet, this question is relatively easy to answer. Do some research about the company before the interview by going to their website and finding out the history, values, and makeup of the company. Demonstrate your knowledge about the company and tell the interviewer about any positive information you’ve noticed, including recent accomplishments, awards, and product launches.
  3. Why should we hire you? Similar to “why do you want to work here?”, you should answer this question by replying with how you think it would be a great company to work for and why. Then you should tell the interviewer what you can bring to the table. Tell him or her about your strengths and how you will use them to help bring the company more success.

We’re hoping that you use our guide to succeed in the interview and show the company what you’ve got! If you’re looking for HR jobs in Tampa, FL, or another type of job in a different location, check out our website to find available job openings. To learn more about job opportunities and interview advice, contact us at 844-CRG-WORK.