You might compare a job interview to a stranger throwing you on-stage, shining the spotlight on you, and expecting you to recite your entire life story. Fortunately, that’s not the case at all. Job interviews are certainly the time and place to describe your strengths and explain why a company would want to hire you, but they’re also much more than that. In fact, a job interview is a two-way street. Your potential employer will ask you questions about your skills, but you’ll also want to ask them questions about the position to see if the company would be a good fit for you.

At CRG, we’re a job recruiting agency, technology services and managed services company that helps people find IT jobs in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas, as well as the Triad and Triangle markets. We’ve come up with some of the top questions to ask an employer in a job interview that will not only give you a better idea of the job but also give the employer a good impression of you:

  1. Can you explain the day-to-day responsibilities of this position? Even though you read the job description, you’ll still want to know what your daily responsibilities would be in the position. This will help you determine whether you actually want the position or not.
  1. Which qualities would help me succeed in this position? This question will not only provide more information about the position itself, but it will also lead to valuable information about the company culture. You can then decide if your skills and personality traits match with the company and the position.
  1. What is the typical career path for a person in this job role? This is another question that will also impress the employer. It shows them that you’re interested in moving up in the company and you’ll learn whether they promote from within, and also how career advancement works with the company.

As one of the leading IT headhunters in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, as well as the Triad and Triangle markets, we have over two decades of matching the right candidates to the right jobs and organizations. We’d like to continue this success with you. To learn more about the questions you should be asking in job interviews, contact us at 844-CRG-WORK.