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At CRG, we go beyond traditional staffing services with our unique, streamlined approach that seamlessly delivers exceptional talent directly to your doorstep. With a wealth of industry experience and a diverse sourcing network, we offer our clients an enriched selection of professionals precisely tailored for each unique role in their organization.

We’ve established ourselves as a leader in the Raleigh, NC staffing arena, demonstrating a relentless commitment to service excellence that translates into tangible business results for you. Whether your hiring needs encompass executive search, direct hire, or IT recruitment, our finely tuned system consistently produces top-tier candidates, lifting the weight of recruitment from your in-house HR team, and saving both time and cost.

Driven by O.T.H.E.R.S focused values, CRG has built meaningful relationships with 500+ industry-leading organizations. 


CRG – Raleigh

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Executive Recruitment

With each of our executive recruiters possessing over 15 years of experience, we’ve made 5,000 successful executive staffing placements with an impressive 97% retention rate among those placed. CRG’s vast experience in executive recruitment is unparalleled. We implement a 30-step recruitment process to smoothly onboard candidates into your business within just 15 business days.

Our recruitment strategy is anchored in the C5 — Culture, Character, Competency, Compensation, and Closeability. We prioritize understanding our clients, their business structure, and their specific hiring needs. This understanding, paired with our expansive industry knowledge and insight into Raleigh’s executive recruitment scene, enables us to give our clients the best chance of securing top talent in the ongoing War for Talent.

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Direct Hire

As your strategic collaborator, CRG employs industry-leading strategies and evidence-based assessment tools to facilitate your journey towards finding the best direct hires in a timely and efficient manner. Utilizing CRG for direct hires in the Raleigh area offers you the advantage of our proven placement method, which has resulted in over 12,000 direct hire and contract placements to date.

To illustrate, our approach to accounting staffing involves reaching out to local and national organizations to pinpoint ideal candidates. Our accounting recruitment services tap into our extensive pool of candidates to find those whose skills and experience align perfectly with your vacancies.

Armed with in-depth experience and robust recruitment tools, CRG Staffing successfully places direct hire candidates promptly, typically reducing both the recruitment timeline and costs by 40%.

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IT Staffing 

Looking for a premier IT recruiting partner? At CRG, we work closely with organizations, undertaking strategic IT staffing, planning, and day-to-day technology operations. We align with your team, deeply understanding your business landscape to deliver top IT talent that meet your specific goals. We put your interests at the forefront, ensuring your tech initiatives run smoothly, on schedule, and within budgetary confines.

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CRG Raleigh Contacts

Michael Barry

Michael Barry

Executive VP | Client Management

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As your trusted partner for search, staffing, and IT solutions, we are committed to providing you with high-quality candidates for your mission-critical roles. Harnessing our best-in-class methodologies and extensive experience, we ensure your staffing needs are met with speed, precision, and professionalism. Contact CRG today to explore how our superior service and innovative platforms can help your business grow with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What positions does CRG staffing provide services for?

We offer recruiting services in Charlotte for all industries, with considerable expertise in IT, accounting and finance, human resources and talent acquisition, marketing and sales, administrative and customer service, procurement, and supply chain roles.

Why should my organization partner with CRG?

CRG stands as one of the top-ranking recruitment firms in the United States, placing in the highest 1% with an average Google Review of 4.9. Our expansive team consists of over 200 professionals working from 10 offices across the U.S. and Latin America to help with your executive search, direct hire, contract staffing, consulting, and IT service needs.

Since our inception in 1994, we have successfully completed over 5,000 executive searches, 12,000 direct-hire and contract-to-hire placements, along with 100 IT projects and consulting engagements. Upholding our O.T.H.E.R.S focused values, we have fostered enduring partnerships with more than 500 leading organizations within various industries.

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