Employment agencies aren’t just for entry and mid-level employees. Here at CRG Search, we also help companies with their executive staffing needs. That means workers with extensive experience and possibly one of those three-letter job titles that begin with a C. We can help workers of all experience levels find work, and this is just another one of our areas of expertise.

If you’re unfamiliar with executive “headhunters” though, you may be a bit confused about how it all works. Here’s a look at what you should know about headhunters and how they can help workers climb the corporate ladder and help employers fill any big gaps at their business.

What to Know About Executive Recruiters

Executive recruiters are working for their clients first and foremost. A company wants them to find new talent to fill a position. An executive headhunter has to know a lot about the firm in question. They don’t just see if a potential recruit has the skills and experience required. They also need to see if a new executive would fit into the company’s current culture and organization.

If you’re an applicant, this also means that a hiring agency isn’t exactly representing you at the start. They work for the company you’ve applied to and their priority is finding the best person for this firm’s open executive role. A headhunter isn’t really representing you until you’ve been selected as a likely candidate.

How to Find One

In many cases, you don’t have to try and find an executive recruiter. Their job is to look for talent, so if you’re available then you could be contacted. A social media site like Linkedin, for example, can serve as a great way of connecting with executive recruiters. On the other hand, an employer can go right to a recruiter, letting them know what position needs to be filled and what they’re looking for in a potential executive candidate.

As the word headhunter implies, generally an executive recruiter is the one out there looking for you. Even if you’re not looking for a job at the moment, your resume and skill set could attract the attention of hiring agencies. At this point you can go in for an interview or if you’re happy in your current position. Fostering a good relationship with executive recruiters can be a good idea, and it’s easy to do in the age of social media. You may need a new job at some point and it’s always great to make a connection that could help in that endeavor.

Benefits of Working with One

One of the key advantages to working with an executive staffing agency is that they essentially have inside information about companies and the positions they’re offering. In many cases, a company that’s working with a personnel staffing agency won’t be listing these open positions on the typical job boards.

If you’re a company looking for an executive, you don’t have to worry as much about the hiring process. Executive staffing solutions can save you time without sacrificing applicant quality. So whether you’re a company that needs a new executive or someone who’s looking for a job change, a headhunter could help.