Here at CRG, we know that the job hunt can be daunting. Fortunately, you can also learn a lot as you look for new positions. That’s why there are so many things that job hunters say that they would do differently if they can go back in time and tackle that task again. They say hindsight is twenty-twenty, and the hindsight of these job seekers could help make your path to your next great job even clearer.

Tailor Your Resume

You may think that more is better when it comes to a resume, but that’s not always the case. Some job hunters look back and realize that they didn’t need to list every college activity or odd job. Instead, cut through it all and focus on the skills your potential employer needs.

Think About Your Online Presence

Many job seekers don’t realize just how important their online presence can be. Employers and recruitment agencies alike are sifting through your online profiles to see if you’re the right match for their company. Most people behave themselves on Linkedin, the most obvious social network that employers seem like they’re the most likely to check, but what about everywhere else? You want to make sure that your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media accounts present you in a positive light.

Spend Some Time on Linkedin

As for that Linkedin profile, make sure that it’s complete with the information that employers need about your skills and experience. Also don’t just complete it with your resume and leave the profile to rot. Post about your career field from time to time and show that you really know your stuff. Properly curating your Linkedin presence can show how serious you are about the job hunt and connecting with employers.

Craft a Personal Website

Depending on your career choice, a personal website that showcases some of your work might also be ideal. It’s easier than ever to build your own website, even without coding experience. If you have something to show off to employers and employment recruiters, a website can be an effective, inexpensive way to do so.

Keep on Networking

We mentioned that Linkedin profile before. Keep it active and updated, and keep on networking. Just because you currently like your job, that doesn’t mean that you may not require a change in the future. Hiring agencies, friends, and former coworkers could all be the key to landing that next job, so staying in touch can make a big difference.

Narrow Down Your Prospects

You may think that you shouldn’t limit yourself during your job hunt, but narrowing down the roles you’d like to look for can actually help a lot. You’ll be able to focus on more specialized skills on your resume and spend more time applying to jobs that better match your skills. Employment agencies might even have an easier time picking out your resume for a particular job this way.

Don’t Spend All Your Time on Job Sites

The Internet has made it easier to apply for work, but you shouldn’t just spend all of your time on job sites. Many positions are still filled by referral, so balancing out those online applications with face-to-face networking can be more effective. Don’t ignore job boards, but don’t spend all of your time on them either.