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it staffingCRG provides IT consulting services in Charlotte, NC, the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point), and the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill).

At CRG, our IT job recruiters understand the role of professionals in the information technology space. With thorough knowledge of the industry and its practical applications, we are better able to connect job seekers with IT employment opportunities where their skills will be most valuable.

For the candidate to achieve success in their job hunt, they can put their trust in CRG to advocate on their behalf. Our client companies range from small and local to large and corporate, who are looking to find the right person for their IT jobs that are hiring.

Our Technical Recruiters truly understand your needs, matching your talent with companies where you will become a valuable employee! If you are looking to find IT jobs that suit your needs and qualifications, we’re the IT staffing agency for you.


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IT Staffing and Consulting

We offer many network services and managed service to prepare you for great IT jobs. Our IT headhunter has successfully recruited the following for our candidates in the Charlotte, Triad, and Triangle regions of North Carolina:

  • Database Administratorsit staffing and consulting
  • Desktop Support Technicians
  • Network Architects, Installers and Administrators
  • System Engineers and Architects
  • Desktop Support Technicians
  • Project Mangers, Systems and Business Analysts
  • Programmers
  • Quality Assurance and Testing Professionals
  • Software Developers and Architects
  • Web and Application Developers

The IT jobs available include full-time, temporary, and contract positions. As you search for IT employment, our recruiters work with you to assist in your hunt. Our unique approach to IT consulting services maximizes the success of your job search, providing an opportunity for employment that enhances your career.

There are numerous IT jobs hiring that are seeking out a professional like you. From backend development to support, programming, and analysts, our clients rely on our IT staffing and consulting, managed service, and network services to evaluate all candidates and match the right personality with each position.

Let us help you find the opportunity that enhances your career. Contact our staffing professionals for IT jobs and network consulting services in Charlotte, NC.

In addition to our expertise in being an IT headhunter, CRG also so provides finance staffing services, human resources consulting, and sales recruiting. Whether you’re looking in the High Point and Greensboro, NC, area, or throughout the Southeast US region, trust CRG to find IT jobs and more.

IT Recruiters

How We Find IT Professionals
To help you build your company, we built ours upon the foundation of strong connections with both businesses and trained work-ready IT professionals. Between our extensive network of companies seeking employers and employees seeking employment—all of them highly trained, quality candidates—by working with our IT staffing agency, you’ll have access to a treasure trove of talent from the get-go.

What Makes a Strong IT Specialist
Whether it’s a system engineer, a programmer, a software engineer or anyone else, quality, high performing IT specialists share one commonality: a specialized skill that is integral to the success of your enterprise; a person who you can count on to ensure that your operation stays efficient from a technological perspective, so you can go about your business as usual, uninterrupted.

Executive Search: IT Managers
Maybe you have an all-star IT department already. Great, but it doesn’t stop there. Much like how a group of professional musicians would be virtually useless as an orchestra without a brilliant leader—the conductor—so will your IT department without a highly skilled manager. Our IT job recruiters will find you the leader that your information technology specialists need to succeed.

If you’re looking for IT jobs that will fulfill your needs and your experience, turn to CRG for staffing services. We match jobs to qualified candidates that are eager to advance in the information technology industry.

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