Here at CRG Search, we pair skilled workers with jobs that require their expertise. Once you’re in a position that fits you, how do you know that you’re getting paid fairly? It can be a high-pressure situation, but negotiating your pay and raises can be incredibly rewarding. Here’s a look at what executives can do to ensure that they are getting paid what they deserve.


Our staffing agency tells people that if they want to know how much they should be paid, they need to do a little bit of research. There are plenty of online resources that show how much someone working in a particular position can expect to be paid. You can look at job sites, provided a job posting is listing a starting salary, or you could even look up statistics right from the Department of Labor. We recommend taking a look at the salary calculator, payscale calculator, and cost of living calculator on the candidate support section of our website.


Knowing how much you should be paid after your job placement is great, but it’s no use if you don’t actually take the time to ask to negotiate. If the salary offer seems lower than it should, it won’t normally hurt you to simply ask for more compensation if you think that it is deserved based on your skills and experience.

This also applies to asking for raises once you’re already in the job. Many workers only talk

about raises during their annual review. Don’t wait that long if you think that your recent performance deserves a salary bump.

It’s Not a Zero Sum Game

Also remember that when you’re negotiating salary with recruiting agencies, it’s not necessarily a win-lose situation. It’s not a battle between you and the agency. Employment recruiters also want to ensure that their candidates are being paid adequately. Don’t treat salary talks like it’s a competition with your recruiter.

Stay Flexible

A job offer doesn’t just contain a salary. It could offer benefits and other perks that may set it apart from a similar job with a higher salary. That’s why this article is about “compensation” as a whole, not just the paycheck that you take home. If there are benefits like health insurance or more vacation time, take all of that into account and stay flexible about your base salary.

Focus on Your Own Value

Some employees make the mistake of focusing on what they “need” during the compensation negotiation process. Instead, you need to show exactly what you can bring to the table. A company is hiring you for your skills and your experience, so make sure that they are reminded about what you can do for them.

Connect with Career Opportunities

If you’re ready to look for a new position, consider working with CRG Search. We have over 20 years of experience placing candidates in executive positions at major U.S. companies. We use innovative technology to connect you with a company that best suits your background and will provide you with opportunities to grow.