LinkedIn can provide workers with some great networking opportunities, but we’ve noticed that many people simply don’t use this social media website as effectively as they could. Here at CRG, we believe that many workers can do more to reach out to¬†recruitment companies, building their network and eventually enhancing their resumes by experiencing more positions within their industry. Here are some ways that you can build your network and show recruiting agencies and others what you have to offer.


Shore Up Your Profile

Before you start to build up your network you want to be sure that your profile looks great. A new connection will probably take at least a cursory look at your profile and you want to make sure that you stand out in a good way. Make sure that your jobs and skills are listed. Someone should be able to see what you’re capable of right away. Get endorsements if you can. Have a professional profile picture, not a silly one that might be more appropriate for Facebook or Twitter. You want this first impression with other people in your industry to be a good one.


Reach Out to More People

Once your profile is in top shape it’s time to reach out to more people. Reach out to current and former coworkers to connect with them. Look at their connections to see if they would make a good addition to your network. If LinkedIn suggests that you connect with a new person, take a look at their profile. LinkedIn uses an algorithm to figure out good new fits for your network, and it’s often correct. Most importantly of all, don’t just send the default invitation when you connect with new people. A custom invite shows extra effort and tells a potential connection that you’ve actually looked at their profile.


Join Relevant Groups

LinkedIn also has groups that you can join. Don’t just pick anything. Be selective and find a group that’s relevant to your career or interests. Then make yourself known within the group and connect with even more people in your field. You never know who will help you find your next opportunity, and these groups can help you cast a wider net and find people you may not have connected with normally.


Stay Visible

It’s also important to stay visible once you’ve built up your network. That means posting occasionally. Liking and commenting on what others post is a good idea as well, especially if you have something substantial to contribute. You should also update with new skills and jobs when your employment situation changes, and you should also make it known when you are looking for a new opportunity. We also suggest that you accept invitations to connect quickly, so people know that you’re actually active on the site.


Your Recruiting Agency in Greensboro, NC

Making the most of LinkedIn can help with your job search, and so can job recruitment agencies like ours. Contact CRG at 844-CRG-WORK and see how our team of recruiters can help you make the next big step in your career. And remember to connect with us on LinkedIn once you get that profile in top shape!