Here at CRG Search, we know that executive candidates do everything that they can to stand out from the crowd. It isn’t always easy, but one thing you can focus on is your resume. Is it easy to read? Does it show off all of your achievements? Does it show just what you’ll bring to the table when you’re in a new position?

Naturally, a great resume can help you get your foot in the door. But did you know that a stellar executive resume can also help you achieve better interview outcomes as well? Let’s see how the extra effort is well worth it.

You Already Know How to Sell Yourself

The interview stage is all about selling yourself. The resume intrigued a potential employer, but now they want to see you in person to see if you live up to the hype. When you craft a well-made resume, you’re already laying the groundwork needed to really show your value in person, whether you’re dealing with an executive staffing agency or a company itself.

In your effective executive resume you’ve done a few things. You’ve summarized a complex role down to its essence. You’ve effectively discerned what kind of skills you have to contribute to this company. All that’s left is driving home these points during an actual interview. Because you took the time to make a better resume, you’re ready to more effectively outline what you, and only you, can do for this potential employer.

You Have a Handle on Your “Brand”

On that same note, once you’ve written a great executive resume you have a better handle on your personal brand is. Are you a problem solver? Are you about disruption, bringing something truly unique to your industry and shaking it up? Because you’ve taken the time on your resume, you’re more than prepared to discuss what sets you apart from the other candidates interviewing for the same job. If they didn’t do the same kind of work on their resume, they might get nervous and draw a blank when asked what is truly unique about them. You won’t though.

You Know Exactly What Accomplishments to Discuss

Companies and recruitment agencies like ours want to see what potential candidates have accomplished. It’s great when a resume lists that you’ve been at a company for ten years. It’s good to see that you’ve worked your way up on the corporate ladder. But what did you actually accomplish in your time at the company?

This is especially important when it comes to executive staffing. Companies have to make a big bet on you, so you can be sure that they’ll ask about specifics. Fortunately, if you have an effective executive resume you’ve already thought about the goals you’ve accomplished, the programs you’ve successfully led, and more. You won’t have to come up with something off the top of your head, because you’ve already thought about it and written it all down. That stellar executive resume has gotten you in the door, and it ensures that you’ll perform even better once you’re face to face with your next employer.