At the end of every year, the job market shifts, placing positions that may not have been relevant the year prior in high demand. Individuals seeking jobs in 2016 would be wise to keep themselves updated on trending positions in their field. Fortunately for those seeking work in finance and accounting, both job markets are performing well in the current economic climate. In fact, the accounting and finance industries have some of the most sought after positions in 2016.

It pays (literally) to stay current in today’s market. In order to help you navigate the job search, we have compiled a list of four of the hottest finance and accounting jobs in 2016.

Tax Accountant

In a world full of unpredictability, one thing remains constant: There will always be a need for tax accountants. Where there is money, there will be taxes. Naturally, specialized tax accountants are in high demand. Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and other tax specialists are just a few of the many possibilities for individuals seeking work in tax accounting.

Staff Accountant

A large portion of corporations and large businesses seek staff accountants on a regular basis. They are responsible for managing financial records and ledgers, as well as handling general bookkeeping. Without staff accountants, most companies would not be able to stay afloat. Accounting staffing agencies in Charlotte, NC and elsewhere understand just how crucial it is to have competent staff accountants.

Financial Managers

Similar to the staff accountant, financial managers play a vital role when running an efficient company. If staff accountants are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the records, financial managers ensure that said accountants are doing their job accurately and effectively. Needless to say, they are part and parcel to a successful business.

Financial Analyst

Behind every business decision, whether it be major or minor, has a team of a financial analysts determining if it would be in the company’s best interest. Financial analysts decipher the viability of any decision and the repercussions by studying company growth, potential profit, long-term and short-term loss, and more. Analysts act as the conscience and rationale when businesses are confronted with any financial choice.

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