Technology is changing the world for the better. Whether it’s a Facebook message to an old friend that you haven’t spoken to since high school or a new article about international politics read from the comfort of your suburban home, there’s no doubt that technology is being used more and more to connect people from all around the globe.

CRG, a specialized IT staffing agency in Charlotte, NC, knows firsthand how important technology is in our world that’s becoming closer and closer by the minute, which is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve branched out our talent as well as our services. CRG is proud to showcase our new office in Costa Rica, which will focus on scouting the best and brightest experts in the IT field from the Caribbean region.

The decision to expand our services to Costa Rica was largely inspired by the people who live there and the culture of Costa Rican life. Costa Rica values high performance when it comes to those who work in the tech and IT fields, so we believe it’s a great jumping-off point to help spread the beauty of technology throughout Latin America. Costa Ricans are thrilled at the expansion, and they believe that CRG will help them continue to develop their connection to the rest of the world through improved technology. More jobs and training will result from the opening of our new office, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future of technology has in store for both Costa Rica and CRG!

Of course, our main base and focus will be remaining right here at home in North Carolina. If you’ve been searching for an IT recruiter in Charlotte, NC, choose the company with an international perspective in the coming year! Give us a call today at 844-CRG-WORK to learn more about the CRG difference!