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executive search charlotte ncYou committed your entire beginning to life to education, so that in the future you would be able to secure a career that would enable you to live comfortably. What no one told you is that finding a career on your own isn’t easy. Luckily, however, professional companies are hiring in digital marketing, telephone sales, in-house sales, managed IT services and digital sales through staffing companies like CRG.

Rather than going through an extensive hiring process and evaluating hundreds of applicants personally, CRG offers solutions for clients to be supplied with the best candidate for the job, whether that be a human resource specialist or an IT service manager.

Executive Search – Charlotte, NC, Triad (Greensboro, Winston Salem, and High Point) and RTP (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill).

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CRG Employment Solutions

CRG provides staffing for companies throughout North Carolina in fields like telephone sales and in-house sales. Our flexibility in meeting the needs of both our clients and our candidates allows for CRG to better match the right hire for the right job.

Our executive search and direct hire placement opportunities extend through all our lines of business. Opportunities include jobs in the following industries:

  • Information Technology
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Human Resources / Administration
  • Sales

We have a number of full time jobs available.  As a full service staffing agency with an Executive Search / Permanent Hire Division, we are committed to both our clients and their candidates.  Our executive recruiters have the education and expertise to deliver unparalleled staffing knowledge for all types of hiring processes in executive search.

If you want to find sales jobs, there is no better employment service than CRG.

Find Sales Jobs with Executive Search

Our range of services helps professionals in numerous industries find the right opportunity for their career. We work with each candidate, making sure to recognize your goals and career objectives to provide a perfect match with a reputable company.

We understand the type of candidate our clients seek, and we streamline their search process by delivering outstanding talent with years of experience in the field. So, how do you find sales jobs through CRG? It’s quick and simple: submit your resume, browse available positions, and we’ll work with you to guide you to a company that is looking for a candidate with your skills and achievements.

Our recruiters are dedicated to our clients and the role of helping candidates find the executive and sales jobs that augment their career.

As you begin to look for new executive search and sales jobs in Charlotte, NC, CRG works with a diverse pool of leading companies and corporations to locate and retain professionals that will increase the quality of their workforce, as well as the productivity of their enterprise.


Committed Staffing Professionals

Companies in the Triad area trust CRG for their staffing needs in Charlotte, NC as we have consistently proven to match employers with quality placements of candidates.

An extensive vetting process helps us determine your strengths, and we place you on the path the success. Contact our firm and make us your partner when looking for accounting staffing agencies in Charlotte, NC.

Call 844-CRG-WORK today with any questions and our staff will be ready to help.

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