If you go to the effort of meeting with a temp staffing agency, you probably want to make a good first impression. At CRG we know just how important it is to nail that first interview, and we have the tips you need to do well and show that you’re serious about your job hunt. Follow these steps and your recruiter will see that you’re an employee that any office temp agency would be happy to work with.


Treat it Like an Actual Job Interview

Some job seekers don’t understand just how important the interview with the recruiter at the temp staffing agency actually is. Even if you’re just looking for a temporary job, you should be treating this interview like any other job interview. Be enthusiastic, know about the company you’re interviewing at, and get ready to make an actual connection that could help you land that next opportunity. Also remember to dress for the interview with a recruiter just as you would for any other job interview. Dressing formally, just as you would for an official job interview, shows that you’re serious. Acting like a meeting with a recruiter is no big deal is a bad idea. There are plenty of job seekers out there and you want to stand out among them for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.


Know Why You’re There

When you go into a job interview you probably expect to get questions like “Where do you see yourself in five years?” You know that the interviewer wants you to show that you have some sort of plan. The interviewer at a staffing agency also wants to know that you’re motivated and that you have some idea of what you want.

Of course a recruiter can help you figure out a potential next step for your career, but it helps them to know what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re not exactly sure about your next step, but you must have a few ideas. Are you hoping for a temp to perm position? Do you want a job where you can learn more skills? What are your priorities? Show the interviewer that you have some goals of your own, whether they’re short term or you have some kind of end goal in mind.

Follow Up

Shortly after your interview, follow up and send a thank you email. It’s the polite thing to do and keeps you in the interviewer’s mind. This can also be a good time to touch upon something important that came up in your interview or mention something about your goals and job hunt that you might not have covered.

It’s also important to contact your recruiter occasionally to see what kinds of jobs they have found for you. They might not always be able to reach out every day to let you know what new opportunities await, but being proactive can help you land that next job.


Your Temp Staffing Agency in Charlotte, NC

When you study up, dress the part, and take the interview seriously, you’ll make a good impression at any temp staffing agency. At CRG we’ll work with you to find that next job opportunity, whether you’re looking for that next full time opportunity or a temp job where you can brush up on new skills.