The recruiters at CRG know that the time of every worker is valuable. When you’re looking for a new job you don’t want to waste time and you want to make the most of the resources available to you. One potentially indispensable resource is a temp agency, and if you’re in the accounting field it might be just the resource you need to land that next big job. How do you know if an accounting temp agency is right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of working with finance recruitment experts and see if they can help you in your job hunt.


No Charge to You

One thing that you may not have realized about temp agencies is that they don’t charge you anything. They work for employers and help them find qualified employees, so they want you to reach out to them and inquire about new jobs. So you can meet with a recruiter free of charge and simply see what kinds of jobs they have to offer. If the offerings in your field are lacking, you can simply switch to a different recruiter or go it alone in your job hunt again. There’s no risk to trying out an accounting temp agency.


Access to More Companies

One advantage that accounting temp agencies could offer is access to more companies. Let’s say that a firm has a temp job that they need to fill. If they have an existing relationship with a recruiter, they’ll fill the position through their agency. They won’t advertise it on a popular online jobs board that you may have been relying on for your job hunting needs. So by working with a recruiter, you may get the chance to try out for a job that you otherwise never would have heard of or have access to.


You Could Go From Temp to Hire

You may not want a temporary job because you’re looking for something permanent. Don’t count out temp jobs for that reason! Many temp workers do get the opportunity to go full-time as an actual hire. It depends on the company’s needs and your performance, but it’s always a possibility.



Maybe you really only need a job for a little while, or you have periods when you need work and others when you do not. If this kind of flexibility is important to you, working with accounting temp agencies is a great idea. You can take assignments you want and let recruiters know what kinds of positions you’re on the lookout for.


Skills and Experience

Temporary jobs can also give you more experience that will serve you well in later positions. Getting more experience on the job is rarely a negative thing, so working at more places and improving your skills will often help you bolster your resume and make job hunting easier. You might even be able to network at these jobs and secure opportunities down the line.


Your Finance Recruitment Team in Charlotte, NC

If a finance recruitment firm seems like a good fit for you, contact CRG today. We’ll help you find temporary work, build up your resume, and make your way to that next big stepping stone of your career.