The experienced team at CRG understands that new cyber security threats can make themselves known at any time. That’s why our IT services team is always evolving and always learning, ready to fight back against the next big security threat. If you haven’t already invested in managed IT support, 2020 might be the year to partner with our team to fight back against some of the biggest cyber security threats and concerns in the new year.


The Rise of 5G Communications Technology

You’ve probably noticed that your current smartphone uses 4G communications technology, but carriers are getting ready to roll out the next generation of connectivity tech. 5G could trigger a variety of big changes, and some have even likened it to a communications “revolution.” This can bring a variety of benefits with it, but 5G could also create more opportunities for bad actors to exploit.

The sheer number of connected devices sending and receiving information, the IT upgrades needed, and the potential for rapid change can all pave the way for more cyber security threats. It’s all the more reason to reach out to a provider of managed IT services. An outside team can beef up your cyber security and protect you from threats while you focus on your business.


Threats to A.I. and the Cloud

As more companies employ cloud storage, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in their IT infrastructure, more hackers could look for ways to exploit these evolving technologies. Machine learning and artificial intelligence rely on algorithms, which can be compromised without obvious immediate effects. As for the cloud, it’s like any other storage solution. It has its own vulnerabilities that can be exploited, and an IT team that doesn’t know how to protect your valuable data can be outmaneuvered easily.



Ransomware attacks were originally a bigger concern for individuals, but now more bad actors are targeting businesses with this data destroying technique. In a ransomware attack, your data is encrypted and essentially held hostage. If you don’t pay the ransom, your data is destroyed. Obviously this can be a major hassle for any business and it’s something to look out for in 2020.



Phishing has been around a while and it’s stood the test of time for a reason. This is when someone sends you an email that otherwise looks legitimate, even tricking some security systems, and manages to get someone to surrender important information. A phishing attack can cause an employee to inadvertently give up critical information like passwords or access credentials, allowing someone who wants to cause damage into your system.

Phishing is a low-risk, easy way for bad actors to try and access something that they should not. The best way to prevent it is a combination of comprehensive training for employees and the employment of a managed IT support team that can help you add extra layers of security.


Your IT Support Team in Charlotte, NC

So if cyber security is one of your chief concerns in the new year, CRG can help. Talk to our IT services experts and see how easy it is to put a protective security layer between your business and the latest cyber threats.